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About our Cleaning Material

Our Cleaning Material are a natural product produced by highly purifying organic plant extracts. In this way, it is a superior stain remover. Since it is not acidic, it does not harm the skin. It helps to prevent odor and mold formation. our Cleaning Material does not leave any waste material in your home, it dissolves completely.

Read the label before use. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If medical advice is needed, keep the packaging or label. Avoid mixing with other products. Rinse mouth after swallowing.

Cleaning Product features and areas of use

Our Cleaning Product can be used in all areas, it is a single type of product. It is a non-combustible, non-volatile biological, very strong solvent, miscible with water, to replace petroleum-based solvents. our Cleaning Product deforms the structure of dirt and oil in the area where it is applied and allows it to dissolve with water. Acid, caustic, alcohol, phenol, phosphate, solvent etc. not included.

In house cleaning, removing stains that seem impossible to clean, stereotyped oil, lime, rust, coffee stain, blood stain, ballpoint pen stain etc. It is used in removing stains, cleaning air conditioner filter and body, cleaning yellowed windows, cleaning glass, cleaning carpets, cleaning stereotypes on sofas and chairs, cleaning all kinds of places and surfaces, heavy industry, food industry, domestic cleaning, etc.

Our Cleaning Product features and areas of use Vegetable cleaner Does not contain alcohol Strong stain remover Strong degreaser Used on all kinds of surfaces Used in all kinds of stains Odorless and colorless Removes bad odors Reduces costs Saves time and water Considerations Not recommended for use on the chest of vehicles.

  1. It consists of completely natural ingredients and is not harmful to your skin.
  2. oil remover stain remover
  3. Wood and furniture cleaning stain remover and remover
  4. Tulle and curtain stain remover and stain remover
  5. Metal surface cleaning stain remover and stain remover
  6. Vehicle interior and engine stain remover and stain remover and cleaner
  7. Sofa and carpet stain remover and stain remover
  8. Glass label and tape remover and remover
  9. Tile and parquet stain remover and stain remover
  10. Cleaning between joints, stain remover and stain remover
  11. Use directly without adding water in heavy dirt and oil.
  12. Apply by heating the object in burnt pans and pots.
  13. Stain remover and stain remover for interior upholstery

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