Quality Wholesale Cake Slice Containers - Safe Disposable Plastic

These Wholesale Cake Slice Containers are made of Safe, Disposable Plastic that is easily recycled. Get Durable, Steady Single Dessert Boxes at the best prices.
Country of Origin: Türkiye
SKU: 59312
MOQ: 1 Pallet
City of Seller: Türkiye
Payment type: cake slice containers wholesale bulk home appliance plastic
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Quality Wholesale Cake Slice Containers - Safe Disposable Plastic
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A Brief on the Plastic Cake Boxes’ Supplier:

This Turkish Supplier of Wholesale Cake Slice Containers is one of the leading Plastic Food Packaging Suppliers in Turkiye with more than 50 years of experience. Applying vital
Food Safe and Global Quality Standards in its production of Durable Plastic Food Containers, the certified supplier of Bulk Multi-sized Disposable Plastic Food Containers reached international markets and the trust of many Bakeries and Food Industries around the world.

Today, this Supplier of Wholesale Cake Slice Containers covers all the needed disposable plastics for meal preps, fresh food packaging, Pastry Delivery, Takeout services, etc. Producing High-Quality and Safe:

Bulk Plastic Cake Containers.

Wholesale Cake Slice Containers.

Bulk Plastic Containers for Fresh Foods and Salads.

Bulk Plastic Ice Cream Boxes, Cups, and Containers.

Bulk Plastic Sushi Boxes and Trays.

Bulk Plastic Disposable Sauce Containers.

And much more Disposable Kitchen Sets that are designed to provide high sealing properties, attractive designs, and total protection for every food type.

Special Traits of these Triangle Cake Slice Boxes:

Multi-Sized Single-Sliced Cake Containers are made of durable, food-safe, and easily recycled PET plastic.

Triangle-Shaped Wholesale Cake Slice Containers are odorless and tightly sealed to preserve Cakes/pastries’ flavor and freshness.

Single-Serving Disposable Plastic Cake Containers have steady, rough-surfaced plates/bases suitable for carrying moist Cakes/Desserts.

These Disposable Wholesale Cake Slice Containers have attractive designs and clear lids to promote the desserts’ appearance.

These Disposable Plastic Single-Sliced Cake Containers are made of durable plastic and are freezer-friendly.

These Golden-Based Wholesale Cake Slice Containers are made of odor-proof plastic that is suitable for food serving, Take away packaging, and display. 

The Supplier of these Wholesale Cake Slice Containers is accredited with vital certificates like the ISO, IAF, and JAS-ISO.

The Below Table Shows Packaging Information for SOME of these Disposable Wholesale Cake Slice Containers:


Product’s Length.

Product’s Width.

Product’s Depth.

No. of Products in a Package.

No. of Packages in a Pallet.


Product’s Color.

Product’s Plastic Type

(Plastic’s Chemical)

Plastic Triangle Slice Cake Plate.

151 mm.

126 mm.

12.5 mm.



Golden Metallic.


Plastic Triangle Slice Cake Container.

151 mm.

115 mm.






Plastic Square Single-Serving Dessert Container.  

120 mm.

120 mm.







Safe and Disposable Wholesale Cake Slice Containers Shipping info:

These Bulk, airtight Single Slice Cake Clear Plastic boxes are exported to many countries around the world. Most notably, in Africa, Asia, Europe, and The Middle East. These Turkish-Produced high-quality Single-Serving Containers will be packaged securely and delivered to you at the agreed-upon date. The MOQ of this Certified Supplier of Wholesale Cake Slice Containers is 1 Pallet. The Pallet is not bound to Plastic Cake Boxes only; you can pick any other Food, drinks, or sauces Containers within the same order you are placing.

Practical Wholesale Cake Slice Containers’ Payment info:

This Licensed Turkish wholesaler of Disposable Plastic Cake Slice Containers offers 3 ways of payment. You can buy easily-recycled, easy-to-use Wholesale Cake Slice Containers by paying with either:

  • Wire Transfers.

  • Telegraphic Transfers TT.

  • Cash.

You can have your nation’s embassy in Turkiye verify the trade’s validation if you seek more assertion on payment safety. But, of course, when shopping on Kahruman.com, you can skip such steps as we only work with certified suppliers in Türkiye.

Kahruman.com is your trusted gate for reaching certified wholesalers in Türkiye. We offer direct contact with suppliers to help you reduce your costs. Join our platform for free and get Durable, Disposable, Wholesale Cake Slice Containers at the best prices in the market.