Wholesale, Durable, & Scratch-Resistant Flexible Laminate Woods

Flexible laminate wood supplier produces the best wholesale, durable laminate woods. Bulk laminated boards are high-end, durable, scratch-resistant, & wear-resistant
Country of Origin: Turkiye
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MOQ: 100 PCS
City of Seller: Turkiye
Payment type: TT - Cash - Wire Transfer
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Wholesale, Durable, & Scratch-Resistant Flexible Laminate Woods
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What do you need to know about this bulk flexible laminate wood supplier?

Our flexible laminate wood supplier has been in the market for 23 years. The laminate wood producer mainly deals in furniture-making and construction materials. Thanks to its production facility of 15000 m2 area, the bulk laminate wood distributor has a huge production capacity of 10 million m2 per month. Besides laminated boards, our supplier has other interior decoration products. Our laminate wood supplier imports high-quality raw materials from different countries. These include the USA, Korea, Sweden, Japan, and Germany. Such as:

• Bulk-ready Lacquered PP. 

• Bulk paintable PP.

• Bulk finish foil. 

• Bulk flexible Laminate.

• Bulk glossy PETG.

• Bulk matte and Glossy PAPET. 

• Bulk impregnated décor paper.

The key feature of the laminated boards' supplier:

• This wholesale flexible laminate wood producer complies with TSE and European Norms in the production process of its furniture materials. 

• Our bulk laminate wood has successful partnerships with over 1000 clients.

• This bulk laminate wood producer’s R&D works consistently on developing new furniture materials’ designs and products. 

• Our wholesale laminate wood distributor has 100 of patterns and colors in its interior decoration portfolio.

11 qualities that will make you choose these flexible laminate woods:

1. Wholesale laminate woods are resistant to physical and chemical effects.

2. High-end laminate woods are easily installed.

3. Bulk laminated boards' lifespan is 20-30 years.

4. Durable laminate woods are produced from high-end raw materials.

5. Bulk laminated boards are more eco-friendly than wood.

6. High-quality laminated boards are moisture and water-resistant.

7. Wholesale flexible laminate woods are wear-resistant.

8. Water-resistant laminated boards are resistant to scratches.

9. Wear-resistant laminate woods are durable.

10. Durable laminate floors are well-sealed and ready to install.

11. High-end laminated boards come with multiple wooden patterns.

High-end laminated board wholesalers can get the best bulk prices now upon directly contacting the bulk laminate wood supplier via Kahruman. Water-resistant laminate wood vendors can reach out to their embassies in Türkiye for guarantees on this lamented boards supplier.

What are the shipment rules of the bulk laminated board supplier?

Our durable laminate woods distributor ships to vendors globally. The laminate wood flooring supplier delivers to the buyer’s destination at low shipping costs. Our high-end laminate wood flooring supplier’s MOQ is 100 PSC.

What are the payment rules of the bulk laminated board supplier?

This high-end aminate wood flooring distributor applies different payment options. Flexible laminate wood bulk buyers can easily pay with the following options:

Payment terms:

•Telegraphic Transfer (TT).


•Wire Transfer.

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