Special, Long-lasting PVC Film for Surfaces Bulk Supplier

These Special PVC Film for Surfaces Bulk Supplies are extra durable, flexible & scratch-resistant. Get long-lasting Decorative PVC for all furniture at the best deal
Country of Origin: Turkiye
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MOQ: 100 PCS
City of Seller: Turkiye
Payment type: TT - Cash - Wire Transfer
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Special, Long-lasting PVC Film for Surfaces Bulk Supplier
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What do you need to know about this PVC Film for Surfaces Bulk Supplier?

- This PVC Film for Surfaces Bulk Supplier has more than 22 years of experience in Furniture, Flooring, and Interiors Coatings production.

- This leading manufacturer of PVC Covers exports Special Surface-Coating Materials to 35 countries around the world.

- This PVC Film Coat Furniture wholesaler is a Pioneer in Decor Papers and Foil Finishes.

- This Special PVC Film for Surfaces Bulk seller supplies for Leading Furniture and Interior Design Companies around the world.

- This Paper Decor wholesaler has a production capacity of 5 million m2 per month.

- This Turkish PVC Film Supplier uses FCS-Approved Foils in End-Panel Coatings Production.

- This PVC Film for Surfaces Bulk Wholesaler uses top-quality materials for its Furniture and Interior Coatings Supplies.

Types of Surface Coating Materials for Furniture and End-Panels produced by this PVC Film for Surfaces Bulk Supplier:

- Bulk High Gloss PET Foil.

- Bulk Finish Foil Papers.

- Bulk PP Foil (Poly Propylene).

- Post-Impregnated Door Foil in Bulk.

- Bulk PET Coated Paper.

- Bulk Flexible Melamine Foil.

- Bulk Special Melamine Impregnation.

- Bulk Melamine Edge Bands.

- Bulk Melamine Surface for door skins.

Hence, this PVC Film wholesaler covers Surface Coatings for Renovation, Decorative, and Protective purposes in unlimited patterns and designs for each material.

Why do International Design and Furniture Companies favor this Special PVC Film?

This unique PVC Film is a modern type of Polyvinyl Furniture Coating developed by combining laminated transparent PVC Film and Finish Foils in a special process. Also known as Vinfoil, this Special PVC Film for Surfaces is more flexible and durable than normal PVC Films.

With its wide scope of application, this Special PVC Film can be used with:

- All types of Furniture. (Office Furniture – Bathroom – Kitchen – Chests – Cabinets etc.)

- Special Designs in Interior Architecture.

- Skirting Walls and Decors.

- Wrapping any material for decorative and protective purposes.

- Wood Profiles.

- Coating any surface to protect it from scratches, dirt, oils, etc.

Special PVC Film for Surfaces Bulk supplies are easy to clean. They provide smooth flat surfaces for any type of End-Panel.

These PVC Film coatings can be produced in weights between 100 gr/m2 and 130 gr/m2. 

These Special PVC films have a standard width of 1300 mm. 

With its high-end technology, this PVC Film for Surfaces Bulk supplier offers customization services for its decorative coatings to match all needs.

PVC Film for Surfaces Bulk Supplier’s Shipping Info:

This supplier exports high-quality Special PVC Films to over 30 countries around the world. It ships industrial-friendly Furniture Coatings securely in durable cargo. The MOQ for this Decorative PVC supplier is 100 pcs. This amount is not bound to one type of PVC Film. You can choose any other coating material within the same order.

PVC Film for Surfaces Bulk Supplier’s Payment Info:

This wholesaler of Furniture PVC offers 3 payment ways. This is done to facilitate international trade for all buyers. You can buy extra durable PVC Film in Bulk by paying with either:

- Wire Transfer.

- Telegraphic Transfers.

- Cash.

All payment ways are considered safe and recorded. You can have your country’s embassy in Turkiye check the purchase’s validation for more assertion on payment safety. However, when using Kahruman.com, such hassle can be skipped as we only work with certified suppliers in Türkiye.

Kahruman.com provides direct contact with suppliers to help you get the best prices in the market. We are your trusted gate to certified Turkish wholesalers. Grow your business easily with Kahruman.com by contacting this Special PVC Film for Surfaces Bulk wholesaler with a click.