Large Strawberry Plastic Planters- Wholesale Strawberry Pots

From This Turkish supplier of plastic strawberry planters, get the pots planter you need including: type, quantity of plastic planters pots you are purchasing.
Country of Origin: Türkiye
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MOQ: 1 Crate
City of Seller: Türkiye
Payment type: TT - Cash - Wire Transfer
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Large Strawberry Plastic Planters- Wholesale Strawberry Pots
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What do you need to know about the strawberry plastic planter supplier?

This Turkish supplier of strawberry plastic planters has the first public farm in Eskişehir, Türkiye. This strawberry pot distributor produces about 100,000 strawberry seedlings on 12.5 decares of land without using harmful fertilizers or pesticides. Besides strawberries, our strawberry pot supplier also produces other organic fruit seedlings, like raspberry, blackberry, and golden strawberry.

In addition to strawberry seedling production, services and products available by our stacking strawberry planter supplier include:

• Soilless agricultural plantation consultancy.

• Wholesale fertilizers made from organic materials. 

• Wholesale plastic strawberry planters. 

• Bulk plantation tools.

• Raspberry, blackberry, and golden strawberry production.

Apart from the strawberry orchard, this large plastic strawberry planter supplier has other facilities open to the public, such as a cafeteria and a zoo. It also offers many activities to the visitors, such as:

• Horse riding.

• Collecting organic strawberries with families and friends.

Our wholesale plastic strawberry planter supplier is certified as an organic fruit producer.

What are the plastic planter's features?

1. plastic planters have 4 floors and 16 compartments.

2. Large plastic pots planters come in different colors, like grey, brown, and green.

3. Large plastic strawberry planters can come with more floors upon request.

4. Wholesale plastic pots planters come with a filtration system that keeps moisture.

5. Bulk vegetable pots are ideal to plant strawberry saplings in gardens and balconies.

6. Planter pots are made of durable plastic.

7. Stacking strawberry planters prevent overwatering.

8. Plastic strawberry pots protect strawberry saplings from root rotting.

9. Wholesale plastic strawberry planters take up limited space.

10. Large plastic strawberry planters are lightweight, flexible, and easy to move around.

11. Bulk plastic strawberry planters come with a good drainage system.

12. Bulk plastic strawberry pots are designed with a good aeration system.

Large plastic strawberry planters buyers can now contact their embassies in Türkiye for guarantees on the strawberry planter plastic supplier.

What are the shipment terms of the plastic planter supplier?

This stacking strawberry planter supplier ships to different countries at low costs. Also, our wholesale plastic strawberry planter supplier ships in a timely manner. Our strawberry plastic supplier's MOQ is 1 crate. 

What are the payment rules for the plastic pots planter supplier:

Bulk-stacking strawberry planter vendors can now easily place their plastic strawberry pots in bulk purchasing requests. They can pay using the following payment options:

 • Telegraphic Transfer (TT).

• Cash.

• Wire Transfer.

Getting in touch with our plastic strawberry pots supplier via our Kahruman website now guarantees that you get up to a 50% discount! This plastic strawberry planter supplier can arrange organized tours to its strawberry farm upon request!