Kahruman Kahruman - Be Our Supplier and pick a plan now !!! More than 300 Turkish suppliers, from well-known brands to local distributors, wholesalers, traders, etc. On average, each supplier gets to find its buyers in Africa Market, Gulf Cuntries, with an average order amount of $50,000 per year at least. And we can help you do the same. 2023-03-23T09:51:50+03:00 https://kahruman.com/images/logo.png by

Plan Type




Plan description Get buyers online efficiently without going abroad Further fully expose in the market, more effective than set up a local sales team Exclusive one to one online meeting, talking to prospective buyer, building business relationships with buyer directly!
Post products 10 Products Unlimited /
Product posting service 1 Products Unlimited /
Keywords Trends 3 Keywords Unlimited /
Keyword ad spend 50 USD / Month 150 USD / Month /
Get Listed as the best sellers / 1 times / Month, A week per time /
Receive & respond to inquiries Unlimited Unlimited /
Accessibility to the number of buyers 6 Buyers/Month > 43 Buyers/Month /
Communicate Directly with buyers Unlimited Emails Unlimited Emails /
Respond to RFQs Unlimited Unlimited /
Bidding for purchase order / Exclusive account manager /
Insight of catetory reports 2 reports / Year 4 reports / Year /
Target Market Analysis 1 Product Unlimited /
Targeting Specific Countries 1 Country Unlimited /
1 to 1 conference meeting with
prospective buyers, negotiation,
contract signing
Chargable Serivce Unlimited 1 to 1 meeting with one pre-matched Buyer
B2B conference with guaranteed
3-8 filtered key buyers in its category,
sampling exposure and marketing opportunities
Chargable Serivce Unlimited /
Opinion leaders with a certain
number of fans and influence, customize
creative content for brands or products
Chargable Serivce Unlimited /
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