Kahruman - About Us

Kahruman is the first online platform of its kind in Türkiye for commercial and trading services. It was established in Feb 2022 as a database for local commercial entities, suppliers and factories targeting international markets. The Türkiye-based startup database was launched with the objective of being a focal point of communication between local suppliers and corporate and individual importers worldwide. Kahruman spans a wide range of high-quality locally manufactured goods and products.

International purchasers can reach out to Kahruman’s platform for hundreds of thousands of goods from all kinds, including food and agricultural products, clothing and textiles, chemicals and cleaning products, plastic appliances, electrical equipment and supplies, construction materials, home appliances, safety equipment, industrial equipment, and packaging and printing materials.

The internet-based startup ensures an effective and a smooth process of communication between suppliers and purchasers without the interference of any intermediaries. Most importantly, Kahruman facilitates a safe purchasing process for all involved parties, providing bank supported guarantees and assurances.

In addition to the financial guarantees, Kahruman offers purchasing parties quality assurances for all supplied goods. Abiding by the international and mutually approved quality standards and qualifications, Kahruman ensures a high purchaser satisfaction rate and efficient commercial deals between the involved parties.

Kahruman aims at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises by providing them with a marketing tool for their goods and contact details. That is, it allocates each business a page on its website where they can enlist their items and products for importers as well as individual and corporate purchasers. Thus, allowing such enterprises a great opportunity for exposure and expanding their client base.

Moreover, based on deep analysis of the global markets, Kahruman paves the way for businesses to reach out for targeted markets and countries to market their products and establish a clientele there. It also provides a live chat tool for businesses to address any issues successfully and in a timely manner with purchasers.

Kahruman’s other main objectives include contributing to the development of the Turkish economy, empowering the commercial traffic and exportation in Türkiye, encouraging the overflow of the foreign currency, and opening new markets for the Turkish products around the globe.