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Antibacterial Wet Wipes

Antibacterial Wet Wipes, which are widely used in many fields today, is a great way to protect yourself from germs. Wet wipes can be used as a useful cleaning. Unlike paper towels, Antibacterial wet wipes are wrapped in three different surfaces: glossy, kraft, and PVC.

Antibacterial Wet towel Wipes with wide leaves of chamomile extract with or without the plastic cap. Thanks to the chamomile extract it contains, it cleans, softens, and moisturizes the skin. It is suitable for healthy use. It protects the ph balance of the skin with its alcohol, paraben, SLS, and singles-free structure. Dermatologically tested. With chamomile extract and chamomile scent, 97% water with vitamin B5 Dermatologically tested, Alcohol-free, Paraben, SLS and singles-free Ph 5.5

Baby Wet Wipes

Baby Wet Wipes, Sensitive Wet Wipes with 36, 60, 72, and 120 Sheets Baby Wet Wipes provide special cleaning for the sensitive skin of babies with its fragrance-free formula. Baby Wet Wipes is suitable for cleaning hands, face, and cloth area. The pH value is compatible with the skin.

Normal Wet Wipes

Discover the Difference with our normal Wet Wipes! Daisies, which bloom in the spring and color nature until the end of summer, will now refresh you. Wet Wipes have been produced for you, inspired by the pleasant breeze radiating from daisies to nature.

Areas of Use: 

  1. It can be used almost everywhere for daily use. 
  2. It can be used comfortably thanks to its soft texture. 
  3. It gives the freshness needed during the day with its floral scent. 
  4. It is produced in a skin-friendly way and easily adapts to every skin.
  5. It offers a healthy cleaning with its alcohol and paraben-free formula and pH balance.

Order our Antibacterial Wet Wipes, Baby Wet Wipes, and normal Wet Wipes from our Turkish Wet Wipes Manufacturer. Decrease your cost and increase your profit with wet wipes direct source. 
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