Turkish Wheat Flour- Wholesale Wheat Flour

Country :Turkey
Model NO. :98525
Place of origin :Turkey
Supplying ability :1 Ton
Payment type :TT - Cash - Wire Transfer

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Wholesale Turkish wheat flour supplier background:

Best gram flour prices are provided by our wholesale flour supplier; it is one of the largest wheat flour manufacturers of Turkiye since 1954.  The wheat flour manufacturer’s daily production capacity is 2000 tons with the best flour prices. The leading flour supplier also serves in the sectors of egg and animal feed. The wholesale flour manufacturer offers optimum quality conditions with discount gram flour prices. Next to the best gram flour prices, quality, food safety, halal standards and health rules are followed by our Turkish flour supplier. 

Wholesale wheat flour qualities:

Our wheat flour with the best gram flour prices is processed with the latest technology without human touch. The wheat flour with discount flour price is ideal for a wide range of uses. This wheat flour when blends with water is easily kneaded, processed and opened. Wheat ranks second grain after corn in the world as one of the most produced cereals. Wheat flour is used in making all kinds of pastries from cake to bread, pasta, and biscuits; they maintain their freshness for a long time. Turkish wheat flour contains 70% starch; its protein ratio is almost 12%. It gives high energy with the vitamins it contains.

Shipment and payment terms:

Our wholesale flour supplier offers quality products at best gram flour prices. Its supplying ability is 1 Ton.

Kahruman aims to reduce your costs; direct contact with our wheat flour supplier on our website. Our wheat flour manufacturer can ship to wholesale buyers; also provides shipment discounts. Kahruman offers payment options.

Payment methods: 

  • Telegraphic Transfer (TT)

  • Cash

  • Wire Transfer

The process is secured by the quality of Kahruman. You can shop with trust. Order now wholesale flour from our certified Turkish wheat flour supplier! Don't forget to join our online marketplace Kahruman to see the latest Turkish wholesale products!

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