Plastic Meal Prep Containers Supplier

Our plastic meal prep containers supplier offers a wide variety of durable food containers. These plastic food containers are microwave-friendly and efficient.
Country of Origin: Turkey
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MOQ: 10 Package
City of Seller: Turkey
Payment type: TT - Cash - Wire Transfer
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Plastic Meal Prep Containers Supplier
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A brief background of the plastic meal prep containers supplier:

Our meal prep containers supplier has more than 25 years of experience. It focuses on making plastic food containers of the best quality. It owns a production facility equipped with the latest technology in Kocaeli. This has allowed it to produce 6000 tons of goods per year. Our supplier’s large production capacity confirms its stance in the market. This plastic container company can make numerous types of products. It covers almost all kinds of plastic food containers with its diverse production. 

Available Types of Plastic Food Containers by this Supplier:

General purpose containers.

Sealed containers.

Top foil adhesive containers.

Cupcake containers.

Cookie containers.

Special containers. 

Food containers

Plastic meal prep containers' best features:

These plastic meal prep containers are produced inside a high-rated factory. The supplier holds several ISOs certificates in production and registration. It also complies with BRC packaging standards. Doing so allowed these food containers to be of high quality and safe for usage. These meal prep containers come in different shapes, sizes, and traits. This has helped our supplier to meet many consumers’ needs.  

The supplier makes meal prep containers of single and several compartments. It also has microwave-friendly plastic containers. The company offers various shapes and sizes of meal prep containers. This diversity allows for reaching a wider market. These containers are durable with decent heat-resistant capacities. They provide efficient storage and can keep the food fresh for long periods. You can find more detailed information on each food container on our supplier’s website. 

General shipment terms of this plastic meal-prep containers supplier:

Our supplier offers simple shipment terms. It is committed to providing timely delivery. The company follows precise safety regulations for quality packaging and production. Shipment agreements are easily completed. Our supplier offers an  MOQ of 20 pcs. The products will have strong packaging to minimise cargo damage. Our supplier’s shipping fees are regarded as reasonable.

General payment terms of this plastic meal-prep containers supplier:

This supplier has simple payment terms. It offers 3 methods of payment to suit local and international deals. Buyers can pay with cash, wire transfers, or telegraphic transfers TT. All payment ways are safe and recorded. Our Turkish supplier offers bulk plastic meal prep containers at good prices.

Direct contact with the supplier through our website is a great advantage. It ensures fast and cost-effective deals. Reach out to plastic meal prep container suppliers easily today. Join, to make your B2B deal more profitable, safer, and faster.