Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner- Provides Optimal Protection to the Tires

This wheel cleaner includes a potent formula that cleans car tires. The tire cleaner ships globally at low prices! Contact the supplier via Kahruman for the best offers
Country of Origin: Turkey
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MOQ: 100 PCS
City of Seller: Turkey
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Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner- Provides Optimal Protection to the Tires
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Why should you choose this wheel cleaner supplier?

This wheel cleaner is manufactured by one of the key Turkish suppliers of vehicle parts. This supplier has been in the sector for 32 years. The company mainly invests in the latest technologies in the automotive sector. This is because it strives to be a distinguished brand in the sector. The tire cleaners are produced as per the ISO 9001 quality system standards. By doing so, the supplier ensures that the wheel cleaners are safe for use and effective. The tire cleaner supplier strives to meet the changeable needs of the market. It does so by constantly providing innovative solutions to the automotive sector. 

13 things you need to know about this wheel cleaner:

This car wheel cleaner is equipped with an effective formula that can polish and remove dirt. The potent formula can remove the grime, sand, and lining dust from car tires. Also, this non-acidic formula provides ultimate protection for the car rims against the toughest dirt particles. In addition, this tire cleaner is available in 500 ml packaging.

Optimal features of wheel cleaner:

1. Restore the shininess of the car tires.

2. Can be applied to rubber, plastic, and vinyl car trim pieces.

3. Offers car rims optimal protection.

4. It protects the car tires against cracking and fading.

5. It protects car surfaces against dirt and dust.

6. It does not leave the car tire surface slimy or greasy.

7. It easily breaks down grime and dirt on the car tire without the need for extra scrubbing. 

8. It could be used with wire, chrome, spoked, and clear-coated wheels.

9. It can be safely used on painted and varnished car tires.

10. It does not contain acid, which damages the car wheel rims.

11. It can be safely used with tire decals and alloys, and car nuts.

12. It provides deep cleaning for aluminum and steel car rims.

13. It breaks down the grease in the tightest corners of the car wheel.

These optimal features will help you attract many automotive retailer clients. Most importantly, the Turkish tire cleaner is available at the best bulk prices in the global market. You can reach out to the supplier to know more details on the wheel cleaner via our website. You can get discounts up to 50 % by contacting the supplier now!

The tire cleaner supplier’s shipment policies:

Our tire cleaner supplier follows the highest standards of cargo packaging. This way, it ensures the safe arrival of the goods to the buyer’s destination. Our wheel cleaner supplier’s MOQ is 100 PCS. 

What are the tire cleaner’s payment terms?

The tire cleaner supplier accepts different forms of payment. Thus, vendors can easily complete their bulk purchase orders. To get the best bulk prices and offers on wheel cleaners, contact our supplier today via our marketplace.

Payment options are:

•Telegraphic Transfer (TT).


•Wire Transfer.

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