Beslen's Powdered Drinks and Juices supplier

Country :Turkey
Model NO. :751698
Place of origin :Turkey
Supplying ability :1 Ton
Payment type :TT - Cash - Wire Transfer

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A brief about the supplier:

This powdered drinks trader is one of Kahruman's major food suppliers. It is a Turkish food brand that produces different food products. It mainly produces powdered drinks, macaroni, tomato paste, canned food, and pudding. The food brand was first launched in 2008 in Turkiye.
It has a long experience in exporting its products globally. The fruit juice powdered drinks supplier majorly sells to the Middle East region.

Natural flavors:

Our website provides buyers worldwide with Beslen's powdered drinks and juice products. The powdered drinks have many unique flavors.

The flavors are:

Mango, Vimto, Limon, Tropical mixed fruits, Cocktail, Cola, Pomegranate, Orange, Coconut, Soursop, Peach, Cherry, Strawberry, and Grapes.

Powder Drinks' Qualities:

The powdered drinks and juices have interesting features. This makes it one of the top brands in Turkiye. They preserve the original taste of the fruits. Therefore, they possess a natural flavor. The powdered drinks also maintain the natural aroma of the fruits. Thus, they have a pleasant smell. These features will make consumers enjoy powdered juices. Such qualities will help buyers with marketing goals. 

Financial guarantees: 

Our supplier can ship to wholesalers around the world. Also, delivery and shipment costs are low. It can deliver up to one ton to international buyers. The payment terms are suitable for all buyers. Also, the payment process is secured by the bank. 

Payment options:

•    Telegraphic Transfer (TT)
•    Cash 
•    Wire Transfer

Product Name


PCS in Box

20 DC Container

40 HC Container

Powder Juice

10 gr

10 gr x 24 x 24



Powder Juice

9 gr

9 gr x 24 x 24



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