Mineral Water Company and Manufacturer in Türkiye

This Turkish mineral water company and Manufacturer offers great wholesale deals. These water bottles are available in different sizes to suit all needs.
Country of Origin: Turkey
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MOQ: 100 Package
City of Seller: Turkey
Payment type: TT - Cash - Wire Transfer
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Mineral Water Company and Manufacturer in Türkiye
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Mineral water company and manufacturer’s background:

This mineral water company and manufacturer is a certified supplier in Türkiye. It produces water bottles with the contributions of its region’s authority. The company has a modern production facility. Its factory is large and equipped with advanced technology. This helps it to produce different sizes of water bottles. Our mineral water comapany and manufacturer has high-quality products. The production progress is mostly done by machines with little human interaction. This increases the water bottles’ safety. It also ensures fast services for buyers. This supplier’s watering source is the high mountains of Bursa. Its bottles are produced with renewable energy. These green measures help our water company to reach international markets.

Mineral water company’s best features:

This mineral water company and manufacturer uses natural spring water. It produces different sizes of water bottles to cover all consumers’ needs. These water bottles have a moderate Ph ratio and a suitable taste. Our supplier produces certified water bottles that are well-sealed.

Available bottle sizes by this supplier:

0.200 Lt water cups.

0.33 Lt Pet bottle.

0.5 Lt Pet bottle.

10 Lt Pet bottle.

12 Lt Carboy bottle.

19 Lt Pet bottle.

19 Lt Pet Carboy bottle.

General shipment information of this mineral water company:

This mineral water company has convenient terms. It has an MOQ of 100 pcs. Buyers can get bulk water bottles at affordable prices. Shipping is fast and secure. The shipment paperwork can be easily completed. The company has strong packaging to avoid damage. The delivery fees of the company are regarded as affordable.

General payment information of this mineral water company:

This mineeral water company and manufacturer offers different payment methods. Options available are wire transfers, cash payments, or telegraphic transfers (TT). The payment process will be safe and recorded.

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