Effective Car Oil- Suitable for Various Car Engines

This car oil is highly effective with different kinds of car engines and it is protective of the engines. The car oil was tested and approved by top experts.
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Effective Car Oil- Suitable for Various Car Engines
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Car oil factory’s background:

This car oil supplier was founded in 1976. It is equipped with a 10.000 m² total area factory.  The car oil supplier started as a small workshop that mainly deals in battery plates. The Turkish supplier offers many export-quality wholesale products. These include car oil, starter battery, solar battery, UPS battery, and solar panels. Our supplier’s top priorities are quality and customer satisfaction. To this end, it applies state-of-the-art machines and employs highly skilled personnel. The car oil supplier has been certified in quality two times; in 1988 and 2004. It ensures the protection of the environment by applying the best eco-friendly practices. It has more than 350 branches and 100 service offices in Türkiye.

Car oil’s qualities:

The car oil supplier’s R&D unit constantly works on developing product quality. This is because it aims to excel as a global brand and be a role model in the industry. That is why car oil was produced to be highly effective. Following a thorough analysis, the supplier has excluded all factors that affect the car oil performance. In particular, the car oil product is designed to be highly protective of the engine. It was also designed to fit different types of car engines. That is, this car oil is suitable for different engine design features and modes of operation. This car oil also takes into account the characteristics of modern car engines. This is because it includes molecular components that have been tested and approved by top experts. As a result, it is reliable.

The packaging of the car oil is solid and durable. It protects the oil against weather factors. It is light and could be easily carried. The car oil packaging comes with informative instructions. This is because it explains the different uses of car oil for users. The packaging weighs 4 liters. The packaging is reusable and sustainable. 

Car oil factory’s shipment terms:

Our car oil supplier has 15 distribution offices across the globe. As a result, it ships easily to many countries. The shipping papers are easily accessible and shipping fees are affordable. Our car oil supplier’s MOQ is 10 PCS. 

Car oil factory’s payment terms:

Car oil traders can pay with different methods. There are different options that enable secure payment. Traders can get bulk discounts by reaching out to our supplier via the website. By doing so, they can also know more about the product, the buying process, and the shipping services.

Payment methods are:

•Telegraphic Transfer (TT)


•Wire Transfer

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