Booster Cables Supplier in Türkiye

These booster cables hold high amps. 600-amp to 1200-amp cables are available wholesale. Get booster cables from Turkish suppliers at the best wholesale deals.
Country of Origin: Turkey
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MOQ: 100 Package
City of Seller: Turkey
Payment type: TT - Cash - Wire Transfer
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Booster Cables Supplier in Türkiye
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About the booster cables supplier:

This booster-cables supplier has over 30 years of experience. It entered the business as a spare parts wholesaler. In just a few years, the supplier grew quickly and began producing low-voltage installation cables. This fast progress shows its strong business skills. It has also helped it to attain a name in the automotive market. Today, the company makes cable ties, hoses, technical sprays, battery terminals, booster cables, and more. Covering a wide range of products speaks highly of our supplier’s proficiency. Part of this is also seen in its quality standards. It employs the ISO 9001 standards in its booster cables-production.

Best features of this booster cables supplier:

This booster cable supplier holds several quality certificates. It is keen on applying creative and technical solutions. This has allowed it to expand its products’ features. Our supplier makes long and durable booster cables. These cables come in various ampacities (current carrying capacities). By doing so, the supplier may reach a wider market. The company makes flexible booster cables. These cables can carry amps ranging from 600 to 1200. This power is sufficient for boosting cars and heavy-duty batteries. These booster cables can be packed individually. This allows selling them easily in hardware stores.

Products’ Information:

Booster Cable


Wire Diameter

Number of Wires

1200 amp

(50 MM)



1000 amp

(35 MM)



600 amp

(10 MM)




General shipment information of this booster cables supplier:

This booster cable supplier is famous for its fast-shipping services. It has simple shipment terms. All of its paperwork can be easily completed. The supplier provides secure packaging for its products. Each booster cable will be well-packed. The supplier takes safety measures to prevent shipping damages. The company’s shipping fees are regarded as reasonable. It has an MOQ of 100 pcs.

General payment terms information of this booster cables supplier:

This booster cables wholesaler has different methods of payment. Buyers can pay with wire transfers (telegraphic transfers) or cash. The payment process is secure and recorded. The supplier offers wholesale booster cables at good prices.

Wholesale deals bring higher turnovers when you contact suppliers directly. With, you can get wholesale booster cables at the best prices offered.