Automotive Wires- Corrosion-Resistant Auto Electrical Cables

Turkish automotive wire supplier offers different types of auto electrical cables which are corrosion-resistant!Order now bulk offers electrical wires in many sizes
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Automotive Wires- Corrosion-Resistant Auto Electrical Cables
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What do you need to know about the automotive wire supplier?

This automotive wire supplier is a well-known electrical car wire wholesale distributor. Starting its business in 1990, this auto electrical cables supplier has been able to become a major brand in the auto sector. This auto cable wires distributor aims to improve the production of its electrical wire capacity by:

• Improving its quality assurance and quality control processes.

  • This automotive electrical cable supplier is certified in the following:

    • TSE 1453 quality systems.

    • ISO 9001 quality systems.

o Closely following the most advanced high-tech systems in the auto sector.

• Providing the safest and the highest quality auto cable wires.

• Offering auto solutions in a timely manner and at low prices.

• Improving its performance through a constant process of self-evaluation.

• Developing the skillset of its technical team in the production of the best quality wholesale electrical wires.

What do you need to know about these automotive wires cables?

Our auto cables supplier offers varied types of electrical cables, these are:

1. Bulk tinned installation wires.

2. Bulk non-tinned auto installation cables.

3. Bulk auto battery cables.

4. Bulk multi-core copper conductor cordon cables.

5. Bulk flat cord cables.

General features of auto electrical cables:

• Auto cable wires provide maximum power transfer.

• Auto electrical cables are insulated in flexible PVC.

• Bulk electrical car wires withstand harsh conditions, like heat and mechanical stress.

• Wholesale auto cables are available in copper, giving them flexibility and making them corrosion-resistant. 

• Wholesale auto cables are suitable for all kinds of substances, like oils and chemicals.

• Bulk electrical wires are made of copper, which gives them better durability.

• Being produced from copper, these automotive electrical wires have a better current capacity.

• Auto electrical cables are resistant to abrasions.

• Wholesale electrical car wires come with a corrosion protective mechanism.

• Our wire supplier offers different auto cable wires with different sizes for all purposes. 

• Auto electrical cables are easily installed by mechanics.

• Bulk electrical car wires come with a coated inner wire to protect them against corrosion.

• Bulk automotive wires come with a special coating that reduces friction and prolongs their lifespan.

Below are some of the available sizes of the bulk auto cable wires:

Automotive wire model. 

AWG. (MM).

Bulk non-tinned auto installation cable.

“0,50/0,65/0,75/1/1,5/ 2/2,5/3/4/5/6”

Bulk tinned installation wires.


Bulk auto battery cables.


Bulk flat cord auto cables.

“2 x 0,65/ 2 x 0,75”

Bulk transparent flat cord auto cables.

”2 x 1,5/ 2 x 2,5”

What are the shipment terms of the automotive wire supplier?

Our bulk electrical cable supplier pad auto electrical cables with foam padding and cardboard. This is to ensure wholesale auto electrical cables reach their destination undamaged. Our automotive wire supplier’s MOQ is 100 packages. This electrical cable supplier applies low shipment costs.

What are the payment terms of the automotive wire supplier?

Auto cable wires bulk distributors can pay using easily using the below options:

•Telegraphic Transfer (TT).


•Wire Transfer.

Electrical cable bulk vendors can now get in touch with the best wholesale Turkish automotive wire suppliers via our Kahruman marketplace! Join fellow wholesalers to grow your business today and find the best bulk auto cable prices on the market!