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Country :Turkey
Model NO. :76953
Place of origin :Turkey
Supplying ability :20 Package
Payment type :TT - Cash - Wire Transfer

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Olive Oil supplier

We are one of the Turkish Purest olive oil Producers with Years of experience in Olive Oil Manufacturing. Our most refined olive oil is available for global dealers at suitable Costs.

We provide the purest olive oil, raw, deodorized, and refined according to the nation's demands and quality criteria suggested by Food Security Commissioner. We are committed to sourcing phenomenal top quality Added to create our purest olive oil

Our purest olive oil is fruity and blossoms in preference with a tip of sharp touches and an exceptionally smooth, luscious covering. 
This makes our olive oil perfect for dipping vegetables right into or showering over salads and fresh fruit or eggs. We handle all sorts of virgin olive oil, as well as likewise, we likewise deliver to purchaser locations and provide distribution discount rates. 

Have you ever triedpurest olive oil? They will amaze you with their taste and sweetness. check Our purest olive oil Packaging:-

  • %100 PURE Olive Oil
  1. %100 Pure Olive Oil 250ML
  2. %100 Pure Olive Oil 500ML
  3. %100 Pure Olive Oil 1000ML
  4. %100 Pure Olive Oil 4LT
  5. %100 Pure Olive Oil 5LT
  6. %100 Pure Olive Oil 18LT
  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ML
  2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ML
  3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1000ML
  4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4LT
  5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5LT
  6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 18LT
  • Pomace OLive Oil
  1. Pomace Olive Oil 250ML
  2. Pomace Olive Oil 500ML
  3. Pomace Olive Oil 1LT
  4. Pomace Olive Oil 4LT
  5. Pomace Olive Oil 5LT
  6. Pomace Olive Oil 18LT

Our organization is an independent supplier and exporter of Purest Olive Oil things worldwide, refining and supplying olive oil to tiny professional services and multinationals worldwide. Purest olive oil extracted from Olive is high in polyunsaturated fats and minimized in saturates. Purest Olive Oil has a long life span without hydrogenation as a stable oil. 

Order purest olive oil from Our approved Turkish Suppliers. Sign up with Kahruman B2B online platform and additionally begin acquiring presently! 
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