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Country :Turkey
Model NO. :25872
Place of origin :Turkey
Supplying ability :20 Package
Payment type :TT - Cash - Wire Transfer

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Toast chips manufacturer background:

Our one of the popular toast chips manufacturers serves in 40 cities for 17 years in Turkiye. The famous bread chips supplier exports to 20 countries, primarily European ones. The toast chips supplier offers quality products through working with the R&D team. The toast chips manufacturer aims to reach consumers all over the world. A wide range of products with the right quality and the best price is set.

Toast chips qualities:

Many flavors of toast chips are offered to customers by our bread chips supplier.

Flavors of Toast chips:

  • High-grain toast chips -- Spicy (dynamite chips), 25gr. In box: 30 / 60 pcs

  • High-grain toast chips – With tomatoes,  25gr. In box: 30 / 60 pcs

  • High-grain toast chips – With zahter, 25gr. In box: 30 / 60 pcs

  • High-grain toast chips – With olive, 25gr. In box: 30 / 60 pcs

These wholesale bread chips are oven baked, so they are healthy and do not include trans oil, thus they are low in calories. Our toast chips supplier also manufactures other kinds of Turkish chips; corn snacks are one of the favourites; it is flavored with:

  • hot pepper
  • spice
  • cheese

The other type of Turkish chips offered by our toast chips supplier is healthy snacks; they are protein and fibre sources; gluten-free, GMO-free and no trans fat.  These gluten-free chips offered by our bread chips supplier have two kinds:

  • tasted with season green
  • tasted with natural salted

Our toast chips manufacturer also produces vegan chips in 3 types:

  • barbeque and grill
  • hot paprika
  • cheese

The bread chips supplier also manufacture sports foods including high protein. You can easily see the other types of chips on our website by clicking Supplier Details.

Shipment and payment terms:

Our toast chips supplier offers quality products at fair prices. Its supplying ability is 20 Packages.

Kahruman aims to reduce your costs; direct contact with bread chips supplier on our website. Our toast chips manufacturer can ship to wholesale buyers; also provides shipment discounts. Kahruman offers payment options.

Payment methods: 

•Telegraphic Transfer (TT)


•Wire Transfer

The process is secured by the quality of Kahruman. You can shop with trust. Order now from our certified toast chips supplier! Don't forget to join our online marketplace Kahruman to see the latest Turkish wholesale products!

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