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Country :Turkey
Model NO. :324579
Place of origin :Turkey
Supplying ability :1 Ton
Payment type :TT - Cash - Wire Transfer

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Turkish Sunflower oil is produced in fully integrated vegetable oil factory, which boosts the largest crushing capacity of Turkey, owned by Aves Oil and Food Inc in Mersin Province of Turkey. Right from the field up until the table, whole production process is automated with cutting edge hygiene standards. Owing to its quality and unique bottle design, sunflower oil penetrated the market with extraordinary success. Aves group provides 35% of Turkish oil demand all by itself. Produced under the corporate body of Aves through a fully integrated, cutting edge process, The manufacturer of Turkish sunflower oil is one of the largest producers of the sector in terms of export figures.

Wholesale Sunflower Oils is produced to share the true taste of Anatolian cuisine with the entire world and hence it is produced in Turkey. This factory proudly represents the light and pure Turkish sunflower oil and brings the traditions and the posterity together.

With its new white packaging of sunflower oil representing the purity and cleanness, the new bottle design that improves ease of use which signifies the purity and lightness of the oil and with its new logo, producer is indeed the pure sunflower oil of Turkey. With its high vitamin E content sunflower oil, the healthy and light refined-vintered liquid sunflower oil containing polyunsaturated fatty acid, proudly gives the best taste for your tables.

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