Turkish bulk Canned Tuna Manufacturer

Country :Turkey
Model NO. :651872
Place of origin :Turkey
Supplying ability :500 KG
Payment type :TT - Cash - Wire Transfer

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Bulk canned tuna supplier’s background:

The bulk canned tuna manufacturer specializes in producing top-rated tuna products. It supplies to traders worldwide at the best prices and offers. The bulk canned tuna supplier started its activities in 2002. Being led by a team of experts, it has become one of the most reputable Turkish companies. The wholesale canned tuna supplier operates in a 20.000-m² area.

It is important to note that Türkiye supports the growth of the seafood sector. It targets the mass production of seafood as a healthy food option.  Since 2004, the Turkish government has put into effect rules to make full use of water resources. The rules also protect marine life. Between 2003 and 2016, Türkiye supported the sector with €600 million in the form of subsidies. Türkiye is now responsible for 80 of seafood exports to Europe. 

Wholesale tuna supplier’s features:

Our wholesale tuna manufacturer seeks to introduce healthy and delicious canned tuna products to the market.  It also produces canned tuna with different kinds of flavors. These include spicy, oil olive, sunflower oil, mustard sauce, jalapeno pepper, tomato sauce, corn, beans, and with salad. The bulk tuna supplier makes sure to follow all food safety measures. The supplier also ensures quality measures. For example, tuna fish are kept fresh in freezers until the production process.

Tuna fish has many health benefits, which can help bulk tuna traders in marketing goals. Tuna fish has a high amount of omega 3 which is crucial for the health of the heart. It also has fatty acids that are key for skin and hair health. Also, tuna helps reduce stress levels. Studies found that tuna can also help brain development in children. Thus, tuna fish wholesale buyers can sell such a high-quality product easily to many retailers.

Bulk canned tuna supplier’s shipment terms:

The shipment terms of our bulk tuna supplier are easy to follow by traders. The supplier ships to tuna wholesale traders worldwide at low prices. The shipment process is speedy. Shipment paperwork can be done.  Our bulk tuna supplier has a shipping capacity of 500 kilograms.

Wholesale tuna supplier’s payment terms:

Bulk tuna buyers can simply complete the payment process.  Our supplier applies different payment methods that suit traders worldwide. We assure you that you will find the best prices by contacting the supplier through our website.

Payment methods are:

•Telegraphic Transfer (TT)


•Wire Transfer

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