Turkish Car Engine Oil Brand Manufacturer and Supplier

From this car engine oil brand company, pure engine oils are available in wholesale deals. These certified Turkish car oil products are at good prices.
Country of Origin: Turkey
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MOQ: 100 PCS
City of Seller: Turkey
Payment type: TT - Cash - Wire Transfer
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Turkish Car Engine Oil Brand Manufacturer and Supplier
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About the car engine oil brand company:

This car engine oil company holds several brands. It focuses on producing different types of engine oils and grease. In its large production facility of 12000 m2 area, the company uses high-end technology to make pure engine oils. It has a strong position in the market with a production capacity of 96000 MT. This engine oil company exports to 60 countries around the world. These numbers speak highly of the company’s management skills.
They also confirm the pure engine oils products’ efficiency. From production to packaging, and distribution, our car engine oil company follows quality measurements in all stages. This method helped it grow quickly among car companies. It also ensured buyers with fast delivery services.

Important features of this car engine oil brand company:

This car engine oil company has many certificates. It follows international quality standards in its production. This helped it to make engine oils that are pure, long-lasting, and have high levels of friction resistance. Our company’s expertise has allowed it to make engine oils with different qualities. All oils are tested and of high quality. The supplier provides several sizes of engine oils. The packages of these oils are suitable for worldwide shipping. This is done to meet all buyers’ needs whether locally or internationally.  

Available sizes of the engine oils are:

4 Lt.

5 Lt.

7 Lt.

20 Lt.


Note that the supplier provides several types of engine oils that could have different features. More details can be derived from the company.

General shipment terms of this car engine oil brand company:

This car engine oil company has simple shipment terms. It has fast delivery services. All of its shipment paperwork can be easily completed. The supplier has strong packaging. All ordered products will be well-secured to prevent any damage. This company’s shipping fees are regarded as reasonable. It has an MOQ of 100 pcs.

General payment terms of this car engine oil brand company:

This company has several ways of payment. Buyers can pay with wire transfers (telegraphic transfers) or cash. All payment methods are safe and recorded. The supplier offers bulk engine car oils at reasonable prices.

Contacting suppliers directly gets buyers the best deals. On Kahruman.com, buyers worldwide can reach car engine oil brand companies easily.