Turkish White Vinegar Manufacturer - Wholesale Halal Vinegar

Country :Turkey
Model NO. :97275
Place of origin :Turkey
Supplying ability :1 Sets
Payment type :TT - Cash - Wire Transfer

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About vinegar manufacturer:

Our vinegar manufacturer has started its business in 1998. It is mainly concerned with producing vinegar, mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces and pomegranate syrup. The manufacturing company produces white vinegar, grape vinegar and apple vinegar. Our vinegar supplier combines high-quality ingredients with the newest tools. Therefore, all products are of the best quality and halal.

Vinegar manufacturer’s features:

The white vinegar supplier ensures that the products are high quality. To do so, it has opened a Research and Development unit to maintain quality assurance. In this unit, food engineers and experts make sure to improve the quality of the products. They make sure that vinegar products are produced in a clean environment. Furthermore, the vinegar manufacturer takes all safety rules. The latest tools are also applied to ensure the best end results. The white vinegar supplier is certified by global entities for quality standards. In particular, it is approved as a halal white vinegar supplier.

The vinegar products contain natural contents. They are healthy and have sterile effects. Also, vinegar has approved medical benefits. With such benefits and features, wholesalers will be able to attract many clients.

Vinegar supplier’s shipment terms:

The white vinegar distributor provides easy shipment terms to all vinegar traders. Our supplier offers fast shipment service at reasonable prices. Its shipping ability is one container. The shipping services are available worldwide.

Vinegar supplier’s payment terms:

Our vinegar supplier’s payment terms are simple. More importantly, payment rules are flexible. That is, there are different payment choices that suit all global traders. By contacting our supplier directly through our website, you will be able to get good prices.

Payment methods are:

•Telegraphic Transfer (TT)


•Wire Transfer

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