Sweet and Juicy Anatolian Pear Supplier

Get fresh and juicy Anatolian pear from a certified wholesaler. These Anatolian pears are sweet with a fragrance that will take you to the beautiful land of Anatolia.
Country of Origin: Turkey
SKU: 17456
MOQ: 5 Ton
City of Seller: Turkey
Payment type: TT - Cash - Wire Transfer
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Sweet and Juicy Anatolian Pear Supplier
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About the Anatolian pear supplier: 

This Turkish fruit supplier has been in the business for over 60 years. It is an experienced supplier of many types of fruits and tree nuts. In a country with a perfect atmosphere for growing fresh fruits, the supplier increases its cultivation efficiency by implementing scientific strategies. This allows it to cut down on losses and always harvest fresh goods. This supplier harvests Anatolian pears, almonds, apricots, apples, cherries, dates, walnuts, grapes, and much more. It is highly proficient in agriculture and strives to be a sustainable fruit provider. In addition to fresh fruits, this supplier can provide rootstocks and saplings.

Why choose this Anatolian pear supplier?

This Anatolian pear supplier is certified and very experienced in the fruit-growing sector. It holds many certificates and documents that prove its qualifications. This is proven by its association with 6 different brands. The supplier is highly competent and can produce many types of pears, not just the Anatolian pear. These Anatolian pears (also known as Akca Pears) are juicy, fragrant, sweet, and less sandy. This Turkish supplier offers guiding brochures for clients on how to preserve the pears. This helps with extending the Anatolian pears’ freshness and goodness. 

General shipping information of this Anatolian pear supplier:

The supplier exports internationally. It sells fresh Anatolian pears in durable and ventilated packaging. This helps extend the pears’ freshness during long cargo travels. Our Turkish supplier has fast delivery services. It has a large shipping capacity for wholesale orders. Buyers can order different types of fruits within the same parcel. The supplier has simple shipping terms that will suit all buyers. Shipping fees are regarded as reasonable. The MOQ for this Anatolian pear supplier is 5 tons.

General payment information of this Anatolian pear supplier:

This Anatolian pear supplier is keen on offering great wholesale deals. This is easily achieved with its wide variety of fruits and pear types. The supplier has simple payment terms that will suit all buyers. It accepts 3 ways of payment:

Wire Transfers:

  • Telegraphic Transfers (TT).

  • Cash.

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