Turkish Yogurt Drink- Wholesale Yogurt Drink

Country :Turkey
Model NO. :53421
Place of origin :Turkey
Supplying ability :1 Sets
Payment type :TT - Cash - Wire Transfer

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The Turkish yogurt drink supplier background:-

This yogurt drink supplier is one of the leading wholesalers of dairy products. The ayran yogurt wholesaler is a 29 years old Turkish brand. Thus, it offers the quality. Combining the purest milk with advanced technology offers healthy products. The brand blends Turkish yogurt drink culture with the quality of Anatolian milk.

Turkish yogurt drink features:

Ayran yogurt, the Anatolian flavour, is the crown of the table. Turkish yogurt drink contains fresh milk and yeast. The milk of the Aegean Region is fermented with fresh yeast. Turkish yogurt drink is produced with hygiene without touching the air and hand.

Turkish Yogurt Drink Types:

Whole, Homogenized, Strained, Fruit…ask for our catalogue for all types.

Ayran Yogurt Drink Packages:

Cup Yogurt Drink, Bottle Yogurt Drink…etc.

Shipment and payment terms:

The ayran yogurt supplier can ship to wholesale buyers; it also provides shipment discounts. Our yogurt drink supplier offers payment options. The process is secured by the bank. You can purchase in trust from our website. Direct contact with the company reduces your costs.

Payment methods:  

•Telegraphic Transfer (TT)


•Wire Transfer

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