Onyx Marble Stones- Decorative Honey & TRA Onyx for Interiors

Onyx Marble Stone supplier offers many kinds of Onyx stones, like Honey Onyx & TRA Onyx stone. Onyx stones are used in the construction of decorative interiors
Country of Origin: Türkiye
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Onyx Marble Stones- Decorative Honey & TRA Onyx for Interiors
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A brief about the Onyx Marble supplier:

With more than 10 years of experience, this Onyx Marble stone supplier has been a leading onyx stone distributor in the market, this Onyx marble stone supplier provides the best quality materials for construction and decorative purposes. Our Onyx marble Turkish supplier offers many types of Onyx marble for construction and real state sectors. These are:

  • Bulk Honey Onyx.

  • Bulk Honey Onyx (Vein Cut).

  • Bulk TRA Onyx.

  • Bulk Sahara Onyx.

  • Bulk Sahara Onyx 2.

  • Bulk Colarado White Onyx.

In addition to Onyx Marble stones, this Onyx stones distributor supplies a wide range of construction stones. These are:

  • Wholesale Marble.

  • Wholesale Travertin.

  • Wholesale Limestone.

Our Onyx Marble stone distributor aims to be a global supplier of many stone types for the real estate market. It does so by maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. In this regard, our Onyx Marble supplier aims to cover the market need for the best quality construction stones for real estate décor finishings. 

What do you need to know about the Onyx Marble stones?

  • Onyx marble is neither Onyx nor marble, however, it resembles them both.

  • Polished Honey Onyx slabs are used for the construction of staircases.

  • Honed Yellow Onyx blocks provide a luxurious finish to interior and outdoor spaces.

  • Decorative Onyx Marble is used for flooring.

  • White Onyx slabs enhance the look of any space. 

  • Sahara Onyx stone has light-transmitting features.

  • Onyx Marble stone slabs are used for wall cladding.

  • Onyx stones have the ability to transmit light. 

  • Polished Onyx stone marble gives the furniture a shiny effect whenever they are combined with LED lighting.

  • Decorative Green Onyx Marble stone is usually used for interior designs.

  • Sahara Onyx stone is usually used for the construction of wash bins and bathroom vanities. 

  • Architects use Honey Onyx Marble stone for worktops and furniture tops.

  • Interior designers use Sahara Onyx stones for decorative walls and translucent and backlist walls.

  • Honed TRA Onyx blocks are used for kitchen countertops.

  • TRA Onyx is used in the construction of beautiful backsplashes.

Below are some wholesale properties of the Onyx Marble Stone:

Onyx Marble Stone Model.



Honey Onyx.

2 cm.

45.7 cm.

Honey Onyx (Vein Cut).

2 cm.

45.7 cm.

TRA Onyx.

2 cm.

45.7 cm.

Sahara Onyx.

2 cm.

45.7 cm.

Sahara Onyx 2.

2 cm.

45.7 cm.

Colarado White Onyx.

2 cm.

45.7 cm.


What are the shipment terms of the Onyx Marble Stone supplier?

This Yellow Onyx Marble supplier sells the Onyx stone both in bulk blocks or cutouts. Our bulk Green Onyx stone supplier’s MOQ is 1 crate. This TRA Onyx stone wholesale distributor packs the Onyx Marble stone types with an info card that shows the material name, total quantity, weight, and quality. Further, our Honey Onyx stone supplier sanitizes the Onyx marble stones. 

What are the payment policies of the Onyx Marble Stone supplier?

Honey Onyx stone bulk traders can place their Onyx marble stone wholesale purchasing orders securely. Our brown Onyx stone bulk supplier accepts the below payment options:

• Telegraphic Transfer (TT).

• Cash.

• Wire Transfer.

Hurry up and contact our White Onyx stone supplier to secure the best Onyx Marble Stone deals on the market today!