Home Salad Plastic Boxes- Disposable Salad Containers with Lids

Salad plastic boxes are disposable home plastic salad containers that come with airtight lids to keep the food fresh. Bulk clear salad containers are crack-resistant
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Home Salad Plastic Boxes- Disposable Salad Containers with Lids
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Salad plastic box supplier’s background:

This salad plastic box supplier has been in the wholesale kitchen appliances business for more than 50 years. Our salad plastic box supplier’s success is attributed to many principles. These include:

  • Innovation.

  • Hygiene.

  • Quality.

Thanks to the following qualities, our home plastic salad container supplier has been able to increase its disposable home plastic cutlery production by the day:

  • A huge factory with state-of-the-art machinery.

  • A technical team of experts in the production of the plastic salad bowl with lids.

  • Top certificates in the best quality management systems by the following entities:

    • B&A.

    • ISOQAR.

Our home plastic salad bowl supplier aims to:

  • Be a leading company in bulk plastic cutlery production both in domestic and global markets. 

  • Design top-quality disposable salad boxes and other plastic cutlery products.

  • Respond to the market need for plastic salad containers with lids in a timely manner.

Other products our home plastic salad bowl supplier offers include:

  • Bulk disposable hot drink lids. 

  • Bulk sauce containers.

  • Bulk sweet containers.

  • Bulk ice cream bowels.

  • Bulk food containers.  

  • Bulk cake containers.


What do you need to know about these wholesale plastic salad bowl containers?

  1. Clear plastic salad boxes come with airtight lids.

  2. Disposable salad boxes are equipped with lids that maintain food’s freshness and prevent leakage.

  3. Bulk plastic salad bowls are easy to use.

  4. Disposable home plastic bowls are crack-resistant.

  5. Clear plastic salad boxes are made of PP, which is approved by FDA.

  6. Salad container plastic boxes are made from PET which is hygienic and resistant to bacteria.

  7. Wholesale plastic salad containers with lids come in many elegant designs and sizes.

  8. Clear salad plastic containers to-go are produced from durable plastic materials.

  9. Plastic salad containers are crystal clear, which will be easier to identify the food.

  10. Clear salad containers with leak-resistant lids.

  11. Disposable home plastic bowls come with an area dedicated to labels or tamper-evident seals.

Some key features of the wholesale salad plastic container to-go:

Plastic salad bowl’s capacity.

Disposable salad box’s dimensions.

The number of home plastic salad bowls in a bag.

The number of plastic salad containers with lids in a box.

The number of bulk plastic salad containers in a pallet. 

175 GR.


75 pcs.

450 pcs.


250 GR.


75 pcs.

450 pcs.


375 GR.


100 pcs.

300 pcs.


500 GR.


50 pcs.

200 pcs.


750 GR.


50 pcs.

250 pcs.


1000 GR.


60 pcs.

240 pcs.




What are the salad plastic box supplier’s shipment terms?

Our disposable home plastic bowls supplier makes sure to carefully protect the plastic salad containers on the cargo ship. This way, the plastic salad containers will be secure on board the ship and arrive safely at their destination.  Our bulk salad containers with lids distributor’s MOQ is 10 containers. 

What are the salad plastic box supplier’s payment terms?

Plastic salad box wholesalers can easily contact our bulk salad plastic container supplier via our platform to secure the best wholesale deals and discounts of up to 50%. Our plastic salad box bulk vendors can pay using the below methods:

• Telegraphic Transfer (TT).

• Cash.

• Wire Transfer.

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