Leak-Proof, Wholesale Disposable Sauce Containers - Safe Plastic

These Leak-proof Disposable Sauce Containers are made of Safe Plastic. Get Quality, heat-resistant Plastic Sauce Cups from a Certified Turkish plastic Supplier.
Country of Origin: Türkiye
SKU: 98325
MOQ: 1 Pallet
City of Seller: Türkiye
Payment type: TT - Cash - Wire Transfer
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Leak-Proof, Wholesale Disposable Sauce Containers - Safe Plastic
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Disposable Sauce Containers Supplier’s Background:  

This Turkish Wholesaler of Disposable Sauce Containers is one of the leading Plastic Food Packaging Suppliers in Turkiye with more than 50 years of experience. Applying Food Safe and Global Quality Standards in its Disposable Plastic Containers production, the certified supplier of Plastic Food Containers reached international markets and the trust of numerous Food Industries locally and overseas.

Today, this Turkish Wholesaler of Disposable Sauce Containers covers all the needed disposable plastics for food packaging, meal preps, Takeout services, etc. Producing High-Quality and Safe:

Bulk Plastic Cups with Lids.

Bulk Plastic Containers for Fresh Foods and Salads.

Bulk Plastic Sectioned-Plates with Lids.

Bulk Plastic Ice Cream Boxes, Bowls, Cups, and Containers.

Bulk Plastic Disposable Sauce Containers.

Bulk Plastic Cake Containers.

And much more Disposable Plastic Kitchen Sets that are designed to provide easy usage, smart solutions, and top-sealing properties for every food type.

Best Traits of These Turkish-Produced Disposable Sauce Containers:

  • These Food Safe Disposable Sauce Containers come in different properties, shapes, sizes, and heat-resisting properties to suit all types of sauces.

  • Takeaway Sauce Containers and Bowls can come with self-attached lids or removable caps, both having high airtight-sealing properties.

  • Volumes of these Practical Disposable Sauce Containers range between 20 ccs and 170 ccs.

  • These Airtight, Well-Sealed Disposable Sauce Containers are produced in line with the ISO, JAS-ISO, and IAF Quality Standards.

  • Leak-proof Disposable Sauce Containers are made of safe-to-use plastic such as PET and PP, while practical lids are made of PVS for secure sealing. 

The Table Below Shows Packaging Information for SOME of these Wholesale Multi-Sized Disposable Sauce Containers:




Product’s Dimension.

No. of Products in a Package.

No. of Packages in a Pallet.

Product’s Color.

Product’s Volume.

Product’s Plastic Type

(Plastic’s Chemical)

20cc Sauce Container with Attached Lid.








Transparent Plastic Sauce Container.


20 cc.



60cc Sauce Container with Attached Lid.








Transparent Plastic Sauce Container.


60 cc.



Plastic Sauce Cup.




Transparent Plastic Sauce Container..

150 cc.


Plastic Sauce Lid.




Transparent Plastic Sauce Container.



Plastic Sauce Bowl.




Transparent Plastic Sauce Container.

50 cc.


Flat Plastic Bowl Lid.




Transparent Plastic Sauce Container.





Wholesale Safe and Disposable Plastic Sauce Containers Shipping info:

These Leak-proof, Disposable Sauce Containers are shipped to many countries around the world in durable cargo; reaching restaurants and food industries in Africa, Europe, The Middle East, and Asia in timely delivery and top-quality service. The MOQ of this Certified Turkish Wholesaler of Disposable Plastic Food Containers is 10 packages. This amount is not bound to Plastic Disposable Sauce Containers only; you can pick any other Plastic Food Boxes or Containers within the same order you are placing.

Wholesale Plastic Sauces Containers’ Payment info:

This Licensed Turkish wholesaler of Bulk Disposable Sauce Containers offers 3 ways of payment. You can buy safe-to-use, easily-recycled plastic sauce cups by paying with either:

  • Wire Transfers.

  • Telegraphic Transfers TT.

  • Cash.

All payment ways will be recorded to ensure you with top-quality service. You can have your nation’s embassy in Turkey verify the deal’s validation for extra assertion on payment safety. However, when using Kahruman.com, you can skip this step as we only work with certified suppliers in Turkiye.

Kahruman.com is your trusted gate for reaching certified wholesalers in Turkey. We offer direct contact with suppliers to help you get the best deals in the market. Join us for free and get Safe, Leak-proof Disposable Sauce Containers at the best prices in the market.