Importing From Turkey - The Main Export of Turkey

Importing From Turkey - The Main Export of Turkey

Import from Turkey

Among the most common ways to import from Turkey is using the internet. Turkish companies specializing in different vending types of the best products to import from Turkey can be found on commercial websites such as and Alibaba Getting your goods shipped from Turkey is also more affordable than other methods, and most of the goods can import at lower costs, which is excellent news for the exporter. 

benefits of importing from Turkey

Top products to import from Turkey

The top products to import from Turkey are gems and precious metals. Vehicles are another popular item, and Turkish automotive companies are among the most giant truck, van, and bus manufacturers globally. Other popular products to import from Turkey include electronic equipment, machinery, iron or steel products, fruits, nuts, and paper. Some of the most popular goods to import from Turkey include artificial staple fibers, live animals, and lead. You can find everything you need to make your business successful in Turkey, whether you're looking to sell your product or buy a whole new one.

Textile industry in Turkey 

The textile industry in Turkey is one of the leading industries. The country's economy is primarily based on the textile industry. Products such as coats, trousers, and shirts are popular among the general public. Other products include bags, underwear, and children's clothing. You can import any product from Turkey as long as it meets all requirements. If you're interested in importing goods from Turkey, you can take advantage of the tax-free policy to minimize the cost of shipping.

Exporting Furniture

In addition to pistachios, Turkey is also a leader in exporting furniture and textiles. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the country's furniture industry will surpass three billion dollars in exports. The variety of products produced by Turkish manufacturers is enormous, and they export to many countries, including the USA. Despite the economic impact of the pandemic on the land, Turkey is an excellent source of furniture.

In addition to furniture, Turkey also produces high-quality carpets, blankets, and rugs. These products are durable and have unique finishes that make them desirable. If you want a great cup of coffee, Turkish coffee is the best option. It doesn't change the flavor when it's warmed, and it has a delicious aroma. For dinner, try Turkish cuisine. Its traditional dishes include lamb, beef, and vegetables.

Important Market for Exporters

Turkey is also an important market for exporters. It is one of Europe's largest economies, has excellent direct trade routes, and a government keen to promote trade. In 2016, the UK imported PS9 billion worth of goods from Turkey. Increased focus on developing trade opportunities between Turkey and the UK should boost the number of products and services imported by UK businesses. 

So, what are the benefits of importing from Turkey? 
So, what is the best way to import from Turkey?

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