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Country :Turkey
Model NO. :43863
Place of origin :Turkey
Supplying ability :20 Package
Payment type :TT - Cash - Wire Transfer

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We are a Turkish Canola Oils Manufacturer, With more than 10 Years of experience in Canola Oils Manufacturing, Our Canola Oils is available for international Trading and world wholesalers with compatible Price. 

We deal in all kinds of Canola cooking Oils, and we also deliver to buyer destinations and give shipment discounts. Our company is an independent manufacturer and exporter of Canola Oils products globally, refining and providing Canola Oils to Wholesale companies worldwide.

  • Canola Oils Packaging:-

  1. 0,5 LT Canola Oil
  2. 0,75 LT Pet Canola Oil
  3. 1 LT Pet Canola Oil
  4. 2 LT Pet Canola Oil
  5. 3 LT Pet Canola Oil
  6. 5 LT Pet Canola Oil
  7. 5 LT Pet Jar Canola Oil
  8. 5 LT Tin Canola Oil
  9. 10 LT Tin Canola Oil
  10. 18 LT Tin Canola Oil
  11. 20 LT Pet Jar Canola Oil

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