Turkish Sunflower Oil Manufacturer- Top-Rated Food Brand

Country :Turkey
Model NO. :98785
Place of origin :Turkey
Supplying ability :2 Ton
Payment type :TT - Cash - Wire Transfer

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Sunflower oil manufacturer’s background:

This sunflower oil manufacturer is one of the best cooking oil companies in Türkiye. Turkish sunflower oil produces the finest oil products in the market. It has been in the market for 14 years. Besides sunflower oil, it produces canned food, tomato paste, powdered drinks, pudding, and macaroni. All food products it produces are high quality. The cooking oil company has a long experience in global trading. The sunflower oil manufacturer ships to traders worldwide at low costs.

 Sunflower oil manufacturer’s features:

The sunflower oil supplier is certified by global entities for quality standards. Above all, the environment in which sunflower oil is produced is safe and clean. Sunflower oil products are natural and contain healthy fatty acids. Also, they include nutrients which are good for the heart’s health. It does not contain any added chemicals.  Since it has a high smoke point, the oil could be used in high-heat cooking. Thus, these sunflower oil products are safe and could be used for making many food types. Such as ice creams, chocolates, and cakes.

Our Turkish sunflower oil supplier produces many weights and sizes. These are 1 LT, 3 LT, and 5 LT. Given such good qualities, sunflower oil products are attractive to many customers. Sunflower oil traders can sell these oil products in many food stores and markets. They also can make huge profits.

Sunflower oil supplier’s shipment terms:

The sunflower oil producer’s shipment terms are easy and simple. Also, the shipment rules suit many traders globally. Our supplier’s buying and delivery process are smooth and discounted. It can ship up to 2 tons to traders. The delivery process is timely and fast.

Sunflower oil supplier’s payment terms:

Our Turkish sunflower oil distributor’s payment terms are easy. The payment terms are flexible. They apply to all global buyers. Directly contacting our supplier through our website is sure to reduce the costs.

 Payment methods are:

•Telegraphic Transfer (TT)


•Wire Transfer

check Out Our Sunflower Oils Packging:-


Product Name


PCS in Box

Sunflower Oil

1 LT

1 LT X 20

Sunflower oil

3 LT

3 LT X 20

Sunflower oil

5 LT

5 LT X 4

Palm oil

20 LT JC

20 lt

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