Wholesale Agriculture Gooseberry Fruits- Fresh Cape Gooseberries

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Country of Origin: Türkiye
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MOQ: 5 Ton
City of Seller: Türkiye
Payment type: TT - Cash - Wire Transfer
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Wholesale Agriculture Gooseberry Fruits- Fresh Cape Gooseberries
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What do you need to know about the Gooseberry fruits supplier?

Our Gooseberry fruits supplier is a reputed orchard of the best strawberries in Türkiye. This Amlas fruits wholesale distributor produces the best organic types of gooseberries. The fresh Yellow Gooseberry supplier boasts the first strawberry farm open to the public. Our Cape Gooseberries supplier produces fresh and organic fruit crops. This is because our bulk Cape Gooseberry supplier does not use any harmful chemicals or pesticides but use organic fertilizer.

This fresh Golden Gooseberry fruits distributor has a huge annual harvest production of up to 50,000 kg of strawberries . Our golden strawberry fruits supplier is a certified organic farmer. This tasty bulk Yellow Gooseberry follows the best agricultural practices and irrigation systems. Besides tasty Cape Gooseberry fruits, our supplier also produces varieties fruits by using seeds including:

• Bulk strawberries.

• Bulk blackberries.

• Bulk raspberries.

This Yellow Gooseberry fruits supplier also produces fruit-based products, such as fresh juices, jams, dehydrated fruits, and marmalades, 

What are the features of these Gooseberries?

• Wholesale Golden Gooseberries are a source of vitamin C, which is key for the health of the nervous system, immunity system, and skin.

• Fresh Yellow Gooseberry fruits are rich in copper which is vital for the heart, brain, and blood vessels.

• Types of Gooseberries are healthy because they are low in calories.

• Organic Amlas fruits are high in fiber, which reduces blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

• Tasty Golden Strawberries reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and heart diseases.

• Bulk Cape Gooseberry fruits are easy to add to your diet; as they can be eaten with cereal, yogurt, and salad.

• Healthy Golden Gooseberries are great for cakes, desserts, and pies recipes.

• Organic Amlas promote hair growth and health.

• Healthy Gooseberries speed up metabolism.

• Organic Amlas help rid the body of harmful toxins.

What are the shipment policies of the Gooseberries supplier?

Our Amlas fruits supplier has fast shipment services. The Gooseberries supplier wraps the bulk Golden Strawberries and tops the Cape Gooseberry fruits with a sheet of insulated bubble wrap to protect them during the cargo. Our fresh Gooseberries supplier's MOQ is 5 tons.

What are the payment policies of the Gooseberries supplier?

Our healthy Gooseberries fruits supplier accepts different methods of payment. That means that fresh Amlas wholesalers can easily place their Golden Strawberries bulk orders.

 • Telegraphic Transfer (TT).

• Cash.

• Wire Transfer.

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